Spaten, Spaten, Who's Got the Spaten

As you are reading this, hopefully I am at the Heidelberg drinking a Spaten and eating a schweinshaxe. Ah, you are not sure what that is? Here is a photo of one. (photo credits: beer, schweinshaxe) Sorry vegetarians. The schewinshaxe is a pork knuckle, and is usually served with seuerkraut. And beer, naturally. It may sound kind of gross, but it's not. It's yum. It has a nice crispy outer skin and the inside meat is tender and juicy. I think they roast it for hours! So why not grab one for yourself and join in on a Sunday tradition, this week's edition of Look What I Did Last Week (inspired by Kim). PS. If you feel like reading about it IN GERMAN, go HERE.


I finally read this book. What have I been waiting for? I am cheap and I didn't want to buy it AND sometimes when things are all hyped up I am hesitant to do them for fear of too high expectations letting me down. BUT, I got it from the library (free) and I loved it (hype confirmed).

My spelling is getting worse, not better. I also frequently misspell accommodate (with an "i" or only one "m" or...) and decision (with an "s" - oops).

I've also been getting audio books from the library. Where have these been all my life!? I put it on in the car and even though I don't drive much, it's an extra book every couple of weeks!

I'm still learning how to share. 

I'm literally living out of a suitcase. This time I didn't even unpack. Work has been busy and I knew I was going to travel soon so...why bother! We are still on standby for where our next job will be. And yes, that IS my sports bra right on top. It's clean, I swear.

I got my Road ID! FYI if you ever run over a jogger, check their shoe and wrist for identification! I also ran 30 miles this week, which is the most I've ever run in one week! Phew!

My dad gave me these apples from the farmer's market. Look how ugly they are! They were delicious! Beauty IS only skin deep! 

We went to Elephant Rocks State Park. You can see more pictures HERE.

Fredricktown, MO, as seen from my car window.

And last, but probably one of my favorites. WHO DOES THIS? I was in Walmart in the Athletic Department looking for some leggings and....THIS was on the shelf. I mean, REALLY? No wonder the people of Walmart get such a bad rap. They really are bad. 

OH! If you haven't seen THIS, go and check it out. A bunch of world class athletes, showing their bodies, their muscles and the beauty of being an athlete. In the nude. Don't worry, I promise there are no dangly bits. It's awesome! Pure strength. (ESPN Bodies We Want)

I leave you with a few questions: What's the weirdest/grossest thing you have ever seen in Walmart? Have you ever tried audiobooks? What's a word you commonly misspell? Have you ever had a schewinshaxe?

Don't forget to come back tomorrow. I have a giveaway planned!


  1. Oh...Spaten is one of the few beers I actually like! Enjoy! I used to be a HUGE audio book fan when I was a road warrior! I loved them...kept me entertained while driving long distances!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  2. Oh, ugh, my spelling is deteriorating too. I blame it on correcting papers and seeing words spelled so many different ways that I get confused... but probably I'm just lazy.

    And now I know what to do if I ever run over a jogger! I feel prepared! :)

  3. I always misspell anything with a double letter - in fact, I misspelled misspelled just a second ago! Ha!
    Hunger Games is SOOOO good! Loved it. :)
    I'm not a Walmart fan. I do not go often. I'm not a snob or anything, I just think their stuff is cheap, I like to get everything in one place and I hate their produce, so it's a waste of time for me to go there! Hence, I do not have anything to offer for that question. lol ;)

  4. Hunger games is great. Now get to reading the next two and you won't be able to put them down! German food and beer, what a great combo ;) I am always the person at WalMart (or insert other gross store in there) that takes the items back to the shelves where they belong. Well, actually just food items, I'm afraid they'll go bad. What is wrong with people. And I don't recommend audio books, I day dream through them. But do love my Finnish lessons on my iPod while running. Is that a random enough comment for ya?!

  5. I loved the Hunger Games so much! I caved and bought the first one, but got the 2nd and 3rd from the library. I can`t wait until the movie comes out! The weridest thing I have seen at Wal-Mart would probably be a family of bird`s nests in the rafters, and birds flying around the store on a regular basis. Nice. I don`t think I could focus on a an audio book, but my bf loves them. And a word I can never spell is recipe. The only reason it is spelled right here is because my spell check fixed the mistake haha.

  6. So jealous! I'd love to get back to Heidelberg, and I know I'd really enjoy that meal. IMO, German food is ugly but delicious. :) Enjoy!

  7. The Hunger Games is a great series! I finally got my 6th grader into them, too. I'm a terrible speller. I love ugly apples, too :-)

  8. THIRTY MILES. that is very impressive

  9. Loved the Hunger Games!

    I used to work at K-Mart right out of high school. It's amazing what people leave around the store. I never found sushi, though.

  10. I loved the Hunger Games series! Hope you have the next 2 books, too. They are so easy to devour!

    Sushi at Walmart? Ick!

    I can't think of a word I misspell, but I know there is one that I frequently have to correct in work emails...


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