Number One , Firsts and Other Randoms

{1} Today I am over at Women Rockin' The Road, talking about My First Time. Go HERE to check it out.

{2}What is your number one post? Mine is THIS one. Which is funny because it did not get that many comments. But it got the most page hits. And you want to know why? Because people google search things like "locks of love", "chop my hair" and "haircut" and it comes up. If you were to go by number of comments, it would be THIS one. I think. Do you guys know if there is a way to find out which one has the most without having to look at each page list of posts?

{3}I went to the farmers market today for the first time. Why haven't I gone there before? I don't know! All the stuff was so fresh and so good. I bought blackberries, tomatoes, potatoes and peaches. I already ate half the blackberries, a tomato and almost all the potatoes (don't judge - they were small!)

{4} I am thinking about joining a Zumba class once a week but I have never done it before and I am not the most graceful person in the world. Okay, I can't dance and I trip over myself and kick others. Any tips?

{5} If that doesn't work there is also line dancing.

{6} Next weekend I am going home for my friend's 1st birthday party. I mean her daughters 1st birthday party. Obviously. She asked us to make something to put in a time capsule that her daughter can open when she is 16. I am WAAAAY over thinking this. I decided to make something. I am not very confident of my crafting skills. I will probably post (embarrassing, crappy) photos of the "project" after I show it to my friend (I am pretty sure she doesn't read this blog, but just in case).

How is your Thursday going? Are you ready for the weekend yet? DO you have any smart ideas for items to put in a time capsule just in case mine sucks? 


  1. You can always try one zumba class, and if it doesn't work, try something else :)

    My most visited post is How To Make a Tufted Upholstered Headboard. I guess it's just a very popular thing people want to DIY...

  2. I had a hard time figuring out what my most popular post was. I went off of the # of comments. I know you can use google analytics, but i can't really figure out how to figure out what pages get the most hits, etc.

    I did Zumba once at the YMCA, but I don't thikn I had a good instructor or something as it wasn't that great of a workout and I hear from others that it's an amazing workout... so I sort of gaveup!

  3. Farmer's markets are the best!! And I too want to do Zumba, but I'm scared of publicly humiliating myself!!


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