Week In Review: The iPhone Edition

What a week! I am glad it is Sunday (my one day off!) but it sure does go too fast! Today I have great plans to visit with some friends, watch the Women's World Cup game and maybe even get some hiking and pool time to boot! (no pun intended with the bootheel, boot reference!)

I normally take my big camera out when I want to take nice photo and try to impress you all, but this week, the photos are from my phone, and are grainy, badly lit and "real". So, if you can look past the quality of the photos, you will see what I really did this week!

I was going to go running, but THIS was the temperature and there were heat advisories out (107 heat index!) 

 So I ate some of these instead. I know...burn 300 calories or eat 300 calories...hmmm..

My weakness
 I took a drive through the country...


Corn Rows
And found THIS. Good one!

Then I tried running again. This time the weather was cooler. 

The running trail.
I found cheap gas. And then realized the station was closed (note the "Happy Holidays" sign)

I bought a PECK of Peaches! I have never bought a peck of anything! 
Saturn Peaches

 I went grocery shopping at a store called SMUCKS. Oh, that's not what it says? 

I bought some healthy food. 

Last but not least, yesterday at 6 am I went to Walmart. There were NORMAL people there!!! Buying this: 

I wouldn't be caught dead drinking that. It's BLUE. What kind of flavor is that supposed to be? 

Anyway, that's my week. A lot of running, driving around and buying things to eat. 

This post was inspired by Kimberly at Yep They're All Mine and her Grab a Beer and Look What I Did Last Week series. And is also a part of: 

How was your week? Did you take lots of blurry phone pictures?


  1. I love your pictures, as always, even when they're "blurry" and "bad". Whatever, lady! Sounds like you've got a heck of a fun day lined up - have a blast, and Happy Sunday!

  2. Blue is my favorite flavor.

    Have a great week :)

  3. Haha, I also took lots of blurry pictures this weekend - I visited a new city for the first time and forgot to take my camera, so the phone had to suffice!

    That blue drink looks slightly frightening.

  4. What a cute idea! I love the pictures in the run down. Sounds like you had a great week :) Happy Comment Love day, hope you are having a nice one!

  5. I have also (maybe more than once) pulled into a closed gas station with the hopes of cheap gas! take down the darn price! haha and I might like blue flavor too... blue coconut slushies from Sonic are amazing!

  6. Visiting from comment love Sunday. I have yet to take a picture on my phone, but I carry a camera with me always. It looks like a fun way to spend a hot day. I am so impressed you went running in the heat! I don't run in cool weather, so there is no way I'd run in the heat. I went to the zoo today and it was 97 and I thought I'd melt. I need to find out more about where you are, as Schnuks is St. Louis shopping for sure (where my extended family lives).

  7. Cheez-its are totally one of my weaknesses too! I think you made the right decision though ;)

  8. I LOVE my iPhone camera. It takes better pics than my point-and-shoot I swear.

    That running trail looks really pretty :)

  9. Oh, Cheez-Its. How is it that we have the very same weakness?! I had to banish them from my home...it got ugly.

    Just stopped by from Kim's blog. Loved your day in the life! :)


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