Good For A Laugh

Need a good laugh? This made me laugh until I cried. Literally.

Here is a sample from DYAC

 We've all had issues with our phone's auto correct feature, right? Go to THIS SITE for more. Enjoy!

(sometimes Texts From Last Night has some funny ones too, but I can't guarantee it)


  1. I LOVE Damn You Autocorrect...it makes J laugh until he cries most of the time he finds it so funny. I think it is hilarious but seeing him get such a kick out of it and try to read them to me while laughing is even funnier :)

  2. OMG I am laughing outloud!! Auto correct gets me all the time, but luckily not in an embarassing way!!!

  3. Bahaha...this had me LoLing. Gotta love the auto correct.

  4. That site makes me cry from laughing too hard.


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