Alone in The Dark

I was by myself in Brazil. My friend had flown to Peru to meet up with his family, my other friend had flown home and I wasn’t supposed to meet up with someone else for a few weeks. I was a little nervous to be honest; I had heard many horror stories.

“Did you know that Salvador da Bahia is the most dangerous city in the world?” some people asked me. “You should NEVER take your camera out with you. If you take your camera with you, you will surely get mugged, or killed!”

“Make sure you try not to act like a tourist. They will rob you for sure.”

“You should never walk around at night, even WITH someone else”.

“You shouldn’t stay in the Pelourinho (the old town). It’s very dangerous.”

I had heard it all before....

You can read the REST of THIS STORY and find out if I survived, on Women Rockin' The Road, a new collaborative travel blog! Please join me over there today!

Also, (you can find more information in this post) you too can contribute your travel stories! Go HERE to find out more.


  1. I spent one day alone in Buenos Aires between flights and was so paranoid that I stayed in the airport the whole time.

  2. Wow! That sounds like a really cool blog! I will have to check it out- and read your story!

    As you know, I travel alone quite a bit, too. It made my parents very uncomfortable as they worried something would happen to me. But I actually almost feel more secure in a way when i travel alone as it forces you to be very aware of your surroundings, you know?


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