Did you know?

In Australia, they don't have the Easter bunny, they have the BILBY:

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They also call a walk around the block a BLOCKIE.

A TRAVELER is when you take a beer to go on the walk to the next place.

Your SUNNIES are your sun glasses.

BREKKIE is breakfast.

An ESKIE is a cooler/ice chest.

SUSS means something that is suspect.

A STUBBIE is a small or short beer. 

To say "hello" they say "HOW YA GOIN'?"

They really do say G'DAY and MATE.

If you SHOUT a round of drinks, you are buying a round.

Of course there are still the "normal" sayings like "Do you reckon?" and "I have to go to the loo".

We got into a long discussion with my (Ozzie) friend about "BISCUITS". In the US, they are served with gravy; in Australia, this is the equivalent of a cookie. Their equivalent of our biscuit is a SCONE. (our scone is another matter entirely! Not the same as their scone!) You can find Australian biscuit recipes here.  

So, I guess that after having BREKKIE, you can get a TRAVELER out of the ESKIE, put on your SUNNIES and do a BLOCKIE. 

But I reckon that is a little ambitious. 

R is for "Really". You can see more A-Z blogfest here.  


  1. Oh my gosh, reading this makes me miss my days in Australia. :) This post was spot on in terms of their language! Too fun. They truly do say G'Day and Mate. There is this hilarious song about how they say G'day & how ya going:


    It will make you smile, I think. :)

  2. So basically add an "ie" suffix to everything and you're good... ok!

  3. This is so funny! When I was in Australia last summer they did say a few things that I did not understand. So your post is great for people who are going down under ;)

  4. Hilarious! My sister spent a few weeks with a host family in Australia two summers ago. They were really embarrassed and tried to hide the fact that there was a mouse in their house--I don't know if it's cultural or not but my sister could have cared less--mice happen sometimes :)


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