Top Tens and Beer

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Also, althought Kim hasn't posted her linky already, she is the host of: Grab a Beer and Look What I Did Last Week. So, pull up a chair, grab a beer and tell me: How was your week? (PS even if I don't get a chance to formally link up with Kim, I am here! I have a beer in hand and am waiting to hear what you did this weekend!)

- My week, as I think I also mentioned here, was very relaxing. I spent the week in Bali, scuba diving, getting ripped off, snorkling and relaxing.

I have a couple of things to say about that.

(1) I love diving. I am going to write a whole post about where you should go if you do want to dive, because there are cheap places, expensive ones, ones with clear water, ones where you are basically swimming in dirt. Okay, well -- enough. I will save it for a future post. However, Bali is an A-OK in my book. Even the snorkling was great!

(2) It was HOT. I mean HOT. 90+ degrees the entire time with no wind and a humidity of, oh, I don't know, maybe 97%. So, if you do go, maybe don't go when it is summer time. Or spring time. Or Fall. I don't know. Or just be ready to sweat your ass off, becuase there is no AC and it is hot!

- Other than that, we had a long ass (sorry about all the A words, g-ma!!!) flight from Bali to Seoul. Actually the flight itself was not long but the entire journey was a pain in the -- (here I go again). We were supposed to take a shuttle at 4:30 (the last one to the airport) which didn't leave until 6:30, so we sat in the car (in the aformentioned heat) waiting to leave for two hours. Then we got to the airport around 8 and our flight was not until...get this...

3:30 am.

So we couldn't check in until midnight, so we sat OUTSIDE the airport waiting for check in. Finally we checked in, then sat INSIDE the airport waiting for the flight to board. So. Finally we got to Korea and then it is Immigration and another bus into the city, which was an additional hour and a half. So from city to city with all the buses, it was 20 hours. Not the worst ever, and LUCKILY only a one hour time difference, but I am pretty cracky today, let me tell you!

One good thing (I know, you guys are going to laugh) is that it is 40 degrees in Korea (as opposed to a bajillion degrees in Bali). I put on pants. I never thought I would be happy about that. Also, we are back (still?) in the land of items on sticks. Hurrah!!! Today I had four sausages and a weird rolled up rice ball of fried fish tasting stuff on a stick! Sweet!

So, I hope you all had a great week and weekend! I know my family got snow at their house in Northern California! Is March going out like a lamb for you?


  1. You're cracky! I love that.

    Mine's up - you are WAY too fast for me!!!


    Sunday Funday!

  2. Oh wow - that is a BAD flight story. Eeks. I would have been cranky, too. Delays and waiting around = super cranky Lisa.

    My week was pretty good. I got a lot of studying in so now I am a week ahead on the materials, which means I can enjoy myself next weekend!! Woot woot! And I only have 4 sections left (out of 18). 4 sections sounds super do-able.

  3. EWWW the heat in Bali would melt me, I am sure of it.

  4. Spending a week in Bali sounds amazing! Scuba diving sounds like so much fun. And that flight story did not sound like a lot of fun. I would be cracky too.

  5. Food on sticks would totally make up for one sucky flight. I would love to visit Asia. I love all Asian food.

  6. Can't wait to hear about Korea! My sister's living there right now!
    Thanks for the follow! :)


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