Street Food Love

pad thai man by kyria!
pad thai man a photo by kyria! on Flickr.
I love street food. From this guy, you can get an order of street Pad Thai for about One Dollar. He also has spring rolls and best of all, meats on sticks (50 cents each).

Thank goodness for the Pad Thai Guy.


  1. are you back in Thailand?
    Your meats on stick made me remember the unusual sausage we kept finding there that was on a stick and huge with rice inside of it...have you had that?

  2. I could live on street food, I think!

  3. Ooh yum! All hail the street food! I miss my hawker stalls in Malaysia!

    P.S.: Just wanted to let you know your Race to 200 story is a FINALIST and is now up for voting! Check it out on my site! :)


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