Ten on Tuesday (7)

I just realized I have two number "4"s. So this is actually number 7. Oops. 

1. Any vacations you are looking forward to this summer?
My dad wants to climb Mt. Whitney. I did it when I was a kid, but am looking forward to doing it again as a (not so whiny/more appreciative) adult.

2. What is your favorite article of summer clothing (shoes are included)?
Flip Flops

3. What is your favorite summer drink (alcoholic or non)?
I do love a nice cold glass of white wine. But that is not really a strictly summer drink. I guess I love a good glass of sun tea with either lots of lemon or mixed with lemonade.

4. Do you tan or burn?
I burn and then I get "tan". Tan for me is like the whitest color my boyfriend EVER is.

5. Any goals you are working toward this summer?
I am hoping to get a job. That's as far as I've gotten so far.

6. What is your favorite summertime food?
I love BBQs! Picnics and even hot dogs. Summertime makes everything taste good!

7. What song most says “summer” to you?
Nothing really comes to mind, but sadly I just got Katy Perry's California Girls in my head for some reason!

8. Any home improvement goals planned for this summer?
Ug, let's hope not too many!

9. What is one thing you hate to see at the beach?
Oh...man. Well trash is probably the worst, but I've seen some super fat, topless, overly tan, wrinkled ladies in my day. I don't hate them but it causes a bit of a giggle.

10. Did you ever go to a summer camp?
No. I always wanted to. I wanted to be like Haley Mills in Parent Trap. What fun! 

Compliments of Chelsea at Roots and Rings

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